Death Toll Will Rise While Law Abiding Americans Are Scapegoated.


A message to the peoples representatives.

In America we do not punish any one citizen or group of citizens for the crimes committed by others. Yet, that is precisely what is going on across America today with the seemingly endless rules, regulations, and laws being implemented against law abiding Americans who wish to exercise and enjoy their “RIGHT” to keep and bear arms.

If you do not like the 2nd Amendment and you feel it is at fault for the crimes of mass/multiple murders committed by Americans then amend the Constitution of the United States and be done with it. Article V of the U.S. Constitution will explain this procedure to you. Until then you do not circumvent it or, shall we say, INFRINGE upon it with rules, regulations, and/or laws that punish Americans who have COMMITTED NO CRIMES and who own firearms which have ASSAULTED NO PERSONS.

Please do not pretend punishment only exists when doled out by a judge and therefore, law abiding citizens will not be punished. Three, but not all, examples of punishment are as follows.

Punishment is leaving Americans without the proper amount of ammunition to protect their families or themselves.
*If you cannot limit the number of home invaders or muggers that attack Americans at any one time then you should never contemplate limiting the amount of ammunition decent Americans need/have to protect their families and themselves.

Punishment is the creation of financial roadblocks. E.g.- Levying fees/taxes that inhibit Americans from securing either firearms or ammunition due to their financial status.
*If you insist on violating Americans constitutional rights by creating these financial roadblocks then you should pay for them for those who cannot afford them. Surely a constitutional right should be subsidized before corporate goods, like cell phones, are subsidized.

Punishment is telling Americans that their firearms - they legally own and have never used in a crime- are suddenly illegal because a human being, having no connection to them, using a firearm, having no connection to theirs, committed a crime.
*Put your energy into ending the crimes by going after the actual criminals and the actual firearms used in the crimes.

Bottom line is you do not have the right to punish law abiding Americans with your rules, regulations, and laws because you are too cowardly, flat out unwilling, or honorably incapable of fixing the real problems by going after the ACTUAL criminal and the root causes.

I will leave you with these two tips.
Tip 1- Next time you’re about to vote on some form of legislation ask yourself this:
“Did this particular group of people we are punishing with our new rule, regulation, or law actually do anything wrong?”
When the answer is “No” Then you know you are punishing law abiding citizens for the actions of others if you vote yes.

Tip 2 – The problem is NOT the 2nd Amendment,  it is the social engineering gone awry.
The true problems lie within the endless social programs that are teaching our children they do not need to be responsible for themselves.
They are told they are equal to their peers -whether they strive as hard or not-.
They are led to believe they deserve whatever their fellow citizens have -whether they earn it or not-.
They are taught that there are no winners or losers-when in fact there are.
Then one day when the truth sets in and there is something they want, but nobody is there to hand it to them, as they’ve now been conditioned to expect, they explode like spoiled little brats.

Add doctor prescribed drugs (psychotropic medications) to the mix and boom, you’ve ENGINEERED a ticking time bomb.

Selective Serotonin-Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) and Serotonin Noradrenaline-Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRI’s) are two, but not the only, well documented medications known for increasing and even CREATING tendencies toward violence. The well respected and world renowned Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) documents the relationship between thirty-one school shootings, sixteen murder/suicide cases, and prescribed drugs. Twenty-two international warnings have been issued about the deadly side effects of these drugs including nine right here in the U.S.A., yet our representatives refuse to address these ACTUAL causes and implement preventative solutions in lieu of make believe feel good legislation.

If you ladies and gentlemen representing the people of the United States really want to PREVENT unnecessary murders and suicides it is time to stop expending energies and resources trying to blackball law abiding Americans and start addressing this very real and ACTUAL cause of violence.

Yes, there are other variables involved, but until you are willing to admit the fact that law abiding Americans are by far the least of the problem and you are ready to start looking for solutions that solve as opposed to solutions that feel good then what is the sense in continuing.


Who Will Make The Smallest of Sacrifices?

Are you willing to STOP buying Budweiser and STOP watching the NFL and then let them know why?

I know I’m not supposed to discourage the troops, so to speak, but I am publicly airing this moment of honest thought.

One reason I feel like returning this country to its day of true individual liberty is a hopeless cause is because people who shout about losing their liberties are not even willing to make the smallest of sacrifices.  The example of non-sacrifice I am referring to in this instance is the unwillingness to give up entertainment or a preferred beverage. NOBODY crying about gun-control should be watching an NFL game or drinking Budweiser. And God forbid I should mention boycotting all their sponsors as well. WAAAAY too much effort and sacrifice involved in that.

The NFL furthered their anti-gun stance by forbidding this pro-firearm ad from running during the Super Bowl. That was after they allowed Bloomberg’s anti-gun ad to run and Bob Costas’ on-air rant suggesting that a moron football player could not have killed his girlfriend without a gun and that law abiding citizens were at fault. The extremist didn’t say law abiding citizens of course, instead he said ”gun culture” which the gun-control extremists use to try and shame law abiding citizens into thinking they own too many firearms and hence, they are at fault for the actions of criminals.

Then Adolph Busch, the heir to Budweiser, the beer of the NFL, terminated his NRA membership because in his words:

 ”I am simply unable to comprehend how assault weapons and large capacity magazines have a role in your vision,” “The NRA I see today has undermined the values upon which it was established.”

So HE does not think we, the people, should be allowed to own semi-automatic home defense, hunting, and sporting rifles or a PROPER size magazine that would allow us to fend off the gang style home invaders becoming more prevalent in today’s society. The extremist Mr. Busch, like other gun-control extremists did not use the terms “semi-automatic” or “proper size” in describing our firearms and accessories because those words are not scary enough to compel people they are murderous weapons that have no place in society.

The thing we need to realize is that buying products from these anti-gun anti-constitution companies is no different than donating money to politicians like Dianne Feinstein and Barack Obama or to groups like the Brady Campaign or Bloomberg’s  Mayors Against the right of the common man to defend his/her family Organization.

Whether we give it to them directly or through one of these anti-liberty businesses our money is ending up in their hands  . We are paying for our own demise.

Why Not Stop Trying?

Why Not Stop Trying?
The answer is in Ron Paul’s book “Liberty Defined”
Click Picture to Enlarge


Harley Davidson Raffle

Harley Davidson Raffle


The following was excerpted from the booklet titled:  THE CITIZEN’S RULE BOOK


“The jury has the right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.” John Jay, 1st  Chief Justice U.S. supreme Court, 1789

“The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts.” Samuel Chase, U.S. supreme Court Justice, 1796, Signer of the unanimous Declaration

“The jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, U.S. supreme Court Justice, 1902

“The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided.” Harlan F. Stone, 12th Chief Justice U.S. supreme Court, 1941

“The pages of history shine on instances of the jury’s exercise of its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge…” U.S. vs. Dougherty, 473 F 2nd 1113, 1139. (1972)


The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement. It is impossible for a law, which violates the Constitution to be valid.

This is succinctly stated as follows:

“All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)

“When rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 p. 491.

“An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p. 442

“The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. “No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” 16 Am Jur 2nd, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256


Download and print and bring…


If you are reading this, and you have not yet put your rsvp in the mail, IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO DO SO…

If you still need to get your rsvp in, here is what you can do…

1).  Send Text Message To 914.466.5940 – PLEASE INCLUDE NAME OF EACH PERSON, CELL PHONE # FOR EACH PERSON, AND PICK UP SPOT…  (Accord Fire House, Stone Ridge Firehouse, Behind Macy’s in Kingston Mall…)  You will receive return confirmation that you are all set.  DO NOT ASK IF THERE IS ROOM… ASSUME THERE IS AND SEND THE INFO…  You will receive a return text confirming receipt…

2). Send email message to - PLEASE INCLUDE NAME OF EACH PERSON, CELL PHONE # FOR EACH PERSON, AND PICK UP SPOT…  (Accord Fire House, Stone Ridge Firehouse, Behind Macy’s in Kingston Mall…)  You will receive return confirmation that you are all set.  DO NOT ASK IF THERE IS ROOM… ASSUME THERE IS AND SEND THE INFO…  You will receive a return email confirming receipt…

3). Go to one of the places listed below to sign up… The lists will be pulled from these locations at the end of the day Tuesday… So do not try this method on Wednesday or Thursday…

You Can Also Reserve Seats In Person At The Following Local Businesses:

Ruger’s Custom Guns, 1050 Morton Blvd. Kingston, N.Y. — 845-336-7106
Tom’s Taxidermy (Bait & Tackle) 7109 Route 209 Wawarsing, NY — 845-647-8157
Hot Shotz Bar & Grill, 8 42nd St. Kerhonkson, N.Y. – 845-626-7371
Catskill Mountains Firearms, LLC, 89 Stiller Berg Strada Kerhonkson, NY — 845-626-7676
Wildlife Encounters Taxidermy, 300 Wynkoop Road Hurley, NY — 845-338-1242
Pro Fitness Gym, 95 Canal St., Ellenville, N.Y. — 845-943-9115
Jame’s General, 46 Main St., Napanoch, N.Y  — 845-647-5973
All Catskill Hearing Aid Center, 343 E Broadway, Monticello, NY – (845) 794-7766



People… if you still don’t realize why it is important for you to get on a bus on the 28th, and what is at stake here, look through some of these links before they pull or move them…


“Well, well, well. Looks like we have their attention. Have no doubt that Cuomo and Bloomberg are panicking and are behind this last minute response to the huge rally that is being held next Thursday 2/28. They threw this together at a moments notice and will have paid union protesters there (most of whom will have no idea what they are protesting) while we will be 100% concerned, peaceful citizens. Stay calm, stay classy, stay dignified.

Notice that all the pick up places are south of the Tappan Zee bridge, and why would they need the last 4 digits of their social security #?

The Constitution is on our side. I look forward to speaking to this huge crowd of patriots. We’ve had a LOT of people asking to meet with me and yes, I will be available all morning.” – Steve McLaughlin







When you say, “I can’t take a day off of work” you are making a CHOICE, a decision that work is more important than the right to freedom and liberty…

Because when you peel back all the layers, this is about the right to freedom and liberty.  The unSAFE Act and the procedure used to install it are over-reaching and do not reflect “common sense” or the will of the people for that matter.  Instead the unSAFE Act and the procedure reflect the bold faced agenda of a swollen government which clearly has no problem deciding what is right for the people and does not even care to hear what the public has to say.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing.” -John Stuart Mill

If you cannot see the reason it is so important to take a stand on this issue, on this day, at this event, you are in danger of becoming, or already are the human equivalent of livestock being herded for slaughter and the shackles of tyranny tighten around ALL OF US another notch…

For the moment, it is still YOUR CHOICE whether to go or not…


Feb. 28th, Albany N.Y. Support 2nd Amendment & Lobby Our Representatives

This Will Be An Indoor Event, Please Don’t Let The Cold Keep You Home.

NYSRPA Asks That All Women & Young Adults Attend Because The Gun Grabbers Like To Create The Impression That This Is An Issue Only Old Men Care About. Let’s Lay That Lie to Rest. The 2A Protects The Whole Family, So Bring The Whole Family Along.

Well, it is time to start the wheels in motion for our annual trip to Albany… With all that has happened recently, they have not given us much notice, so we must act quickly to get out the word!!!

As always there will be a pro-2nd amendment presentation, and there will be booths for sportsmen related merchandise and services, we will schedule time for all of our representatives to visit with us, and we will also plan time to go to each legislator’s office and take a tour of the capitol bldg as well.

But the most important thing we will do on this trip is we will arrive and stand with our fellow 2nd amendment advocates and our fellow sportsmen and women from all across the state! A respectable showing to make an impact requires thousands of people to do whatever it takes to show up in Albany and stand together representing the hundreds of thousands of sportsmen, women and children in New York!

Fully 99% of the success of this event and the amount of respect we will receive from legislator’s hinges solely on attendance and therefore the success rests squarely on the shoulders of each and every one of us to get people to attend this event.

What we need at this point is for a five alarm effort to spread the word and get sign up sheets out there…

Please PERSONALLY invite 5 of your friends, and make an announcement at any of your clubs/social groups to get a notice out to its entire membership with details on the event and invite club members (and non-club members alike) to sign up to attend. Several groups/clubs have agreed to pony up half the bus fare for the first “x-amount” of people from the group/club… Maybe your group/club will do it too!

Remember, this is our opportunity to make a show of bodies… You can be sure the anti’s will be shipping up bus loads of kids who have seen the illegal gun owners in action when it is their day and we do not want our voice to be overshadowed.

Also for anyone who would like to go, but cannot afford the fare please contact me. And for anyone concerned about overcoming a disability, please contact me as I have already heard from a few others and am working with officials to find the best solution to acceptable access.

We NEED bodies people! It is time that the sleeping Dragon is heard LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

And I sincerely hope to see you all on February 28th,

Elmer LeSuer; 2nd Vice President F.S.C.U.C.; –; c – 914.466.5940

And as always please keep plugging the webpage as it will always have the most current info…
Go to the Federation’s website… and then find and click the link…  –,42.0.html
PDF Format –
Word Format-

You Don’t Have To Belong to a Club & You Don’t Have to Take Our Bus to Attend. Car, Boat, Train, Plane; Just Grab As Many People As You Can & Show Up To Help Literally Fill The Halls Of Congress.


06:30am – 06:45am Pick Up Spot #1 – Accord Firehouse, Main St., Accord, (Parking / pick up in rear)

………………….06:45am SHARP!!! Bus Departs For Stone Ridge Firehouse

06:55am – 07:05am Pick Up spot #2 – Stone Ridge Firehouse, Rte 209, Stone Ridge, (Parking / pick up in rear)

………………….07:05am SHARP!!! Bus Departs For Hudson Valley Mall (The Big Mall In Kingston)

07:20am – 07:30am Pick Up spot #3 – Macy’s Parking Lot In Hudson Valley Mall (The Big Mall In Kingston)

…………………07:30am SHARP!!! Bus(ses) Depart For Albany
08:30am – 08:45am Bus(ses) Arrive In Albany
08:30am – 09:30am After Bus(ses) Arrive, I’m Leaving Plenty Time To Get Everyone Through Security…
09:30am – 12:00pm Scheduled Meetings W/Our Legislators… Exact Schedule Coming As it is Confirmed
12:00pm – 01:00pm Official Program In Well Of LOB Including Presentations By Guest Speakers.
01:00pm – 02:00pm FSCUC Capitol Bldg Tour Incl Sen/Assy Chambers & Governor’s 2nd Floor Suite
2:15pm SHARP!!! Bus(ses) Depart Albany
03:15pm – 03:30pm Bus(ses) Drop Off At Macy’s, Kingston Mall
03:40pm – 03:55pm Bus(ses) Drop Off At Firehouse In Stone Ridge
04:00pm – 04:30pm Bus(ses) Drop Off At Accord Firehouse.

After the Rally All Atendees Are Invited To The Accord Firehouse For Refreshments To Help Celebrate Chairwoman Bernardo’s Birthday

You Can Reserve Seats In Person At The Following Local Businesses: (Check back; More businesses to be added)

Ruger’s Custom Guns, 1050 Morton Blvd. Kingston, N.Y. — 845-336-7106
Tom’s Taxidermy (Bait & Tackle) 7109 Route 209 Wawarsing, NY — 845-647-8157
Hot Shotz Bar & Grill, 8 42nd St. Kerhonkson, N.Y. – 845-626-7371
Catskill Mountains Firearms, LLC, 89 Stiller Berg Strada Kerhonkson, NY — 845-626-7676
Wildlife Encounters Taxidermy, 300 Wynkoop Road Hurley, NY — 845-338-1242
Pro Fitness Gym, 95 Canal St., Ellenville, N.Y. — 845-943-9115
Jame’s General, 46 Main St., Napanoch, N.Y  — 845-647-5973
All Catskill Hearing Aid Center, 343 E Broadway, Monticello, NY – (845) 794-7766

1). Your seat on the bus CANNOT be reserved until your money is rcvd…walk-ons excepted as per non-reserved seats.

2). Several Clubs have agreed to pony up half the bus fare for the first so many people from their club… Maybe your club will do it too!

3). The question I received the most last year…Yes The Buses Have Bathrooms!

4). The other question I received the most last year…Yes, You Can Buy Food There… There is a Cafeteria, McDonalds, and Several Other Cafes/Sandwich Shops Etc…!

5). Handicap… We will drop the able bodied off at the closest access point to “The Well” allowed by event personnel. Anyone with true handicap may be dropped outside on street level above the “Well”. This entrance is closer and quicker to get into the well but is reserved only for handicapped guests of the Legislative Office Building.

6). No Guns/Knives – they will not clear the security checkpoints and you will have turn them over or stay outside. As A Matter Of Fact Try To Avoid Having Any Metal On You At All… (Security scan is just like the airport.)

7). No Implements of Bodily Harm – I think you get the picture here… It’s like going through the airport security!

8). You may bring small backpacks, attaches, laptop bags, etc… but they will be checked, and you may not be permitted to bring them into the Assembly or Senate Chambers… Purses are usually accepted in Chambers…

9). Consider Our Collective Image At All Times – There may be anti’s who will badger and try to incite you… It only takes one short fuse to snap and make us all look bad so let’s all be on our best behavior.

10). Ask your club to prepare concerns you would like to have presented to your legislators. You could prepare speaking points in advance or a written statement which may or may not be signed at your club meeting and we will make sure it is delivered in person to your senators and assemblymen.

11). Anyone is invited… Ask a friend… If you really can’t go, find someone to go for you… If you want to pack your car w/people to try & save money, GREAT… just go! We need bodies… Still meet & depart from mall if you can.

12). Meals – There are sandwich shops, vendors and a cafeteria nearby by. No beer or alcohol is permitted.

13). Once the busses drop us, they will not return until departure time, so plan to travel light…

14). You do not have to speak, but will have the opportunity to do so if you want to…

15). It’s all inside… Light Jacket or Sweater is plenty… Plan to leave your coat in the bus you’ll hate carrying it all day…

16). Best signage is something you can wear. Banners and signage may be denied.


For Upadated Info. Check One of These Online Sources:
U.C. Federation Website:,42.0.html
PDF Format –
Word Format-

If the above doesn’t work for you as a last resort try this…
More Info U.C. Federation / HV Itinerary: Elmer LeSuer – – 914.466.5940
More Info NYSRPA: – 800.469.7772




Senate District 42 – John Bonacic – Office #509 in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-3181
Senate District 39 – Bill Larkin – Office #502, in Capitol Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-2770
Senate District 51 – Jim Seward – Office #430, in Capitol Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-3131
Senate District 46 – Cecelia Tkaczyk – Office #311, in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-2470
Senate Majority Coalition Leader – Dean Skelos – Office #909, in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-3171


Assembly District 103 – Kevin Cahill – Office #713 in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-4436
Assembly District 102 – Peter Lopez – Office #402 in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-5363
Assembly District 101 – Claudia Tenney – Office #426 in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-5334
Assembly District 104 – Frank Skartados – Office #325 in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-5762
Assembly Minority Leader – Brian Kolb – Office #933 in Legislative Office Building – Albany Phone: (518) 455-3751


Senate Live Streaming Video:
Assembly Live Streaming Video:
Senate Calendar Overview:
Assembly Leg. Calendar:


Office Of General Service Public Access Page:
Virtual Tour Of Capitol Building Features And Legislative Chambers:
Directions & Parking Information:
Floor Map of Entire Concourse:
Map of Outdoor Plaza:

FSCUC Appointments:
Bonacic – Not Set Yet Cahill – Not Set Yet
Larkin – Not Set Yet Lopez – Not Set Yet
Seward – Not Set Yet Tenney – Not Set Yet
Tkaczyk – Not Set Yet Skartados – Not Set Yet

Senate Session: ?pm – ?pm Assembly Session: ?am – ?pm

FEDERAL LEVEL 2A ORGS – 800.672.3888 – 800.426.4302 - 262.673.9745 – 703.321.8585 – 800.486.6963 – 877.809.1659

STATE LEVEL 2A ORGS, LOCAL LEVEL 2A ORGS, & OTHER IMPORTANT INFO – 800.469.7772 - 716.861.9302 – 845.340.3900 – 914.466.5940 – 914.466.5940 845-336-8305

Main Page For Ulster County Board:
Voter Registration Page For Ulster County:
Main Page For NY State Board:
Lookup ALL Your Electoral Districts (VERY HANDY IF U DON’T KNOW!!!):

Biggest Washington Rally Ever Seen is On For May 25th

I’ve never been sentimental, but today I have to say I love my fellow 2nd Amendment freedom fighters. I want to thank you all for coming out and standing together for our children’s future freedoms and our veterans past sacrifices .
I have seen some great things in the last month or so. First I saw the Mayor of the Village of Ellenville withdraw his proposal for a Village firearm and magazine ban. I then witnessed the British owned promoter Reed Exhibition forced to cancel one of the largest sporting shows on the East Coast and today I got word that the Ulster County Legislature withdrew their proposed anti-gun resolution from consideration. And lastly, I saw five hundred people come out for a pro-2A pancake breakfast with a six day notice.
Why did these want-to-be tyrants and anti gunners all back down from their agenda of unconstitutionally dismantling the 2nd Amendment. It wasn’t because they had a moral, Constitutional based, awakening overnight. And it wasn’t because they were bribed by lobbyists.
This time it was because we, the defenders of the 2nd Amendment, finally said enough is enough and united with our fellow man and woman and put the fear and power of a people united into these anti-gunners and want-to-be tyrants. We got these tyrants to step back from their agenda, but make no mistake about it, they are not gone and they have not given up. So stay vigilant
We are succeeding locally and still need to keep at it until we overturn this Cuomo led gun grab legislation, but we now must also take our fight to Washington D.C. where they are pushing their own gun grab legislation. Our goal this time is to get in front of this and stop the Washington tyrants before they have time to pressure the weak kneed politicians to vote against our 2A. It will be much easier for “we the people” to stop it than to count on the courts to overturn it.
We at GA2A believe this cause requires the combining of every gun rights advocacy group to come together as one cohesive unit. As Len Bernardo reminded us, separately each group is a weakened and breakable string, but twisted together we form an unbreakable rope. So is working to help bind us all into that unbreakable rope. For starters we are in talks with the promoter of the 10 Million Gun Owner March tentatively scheduled for May 25th, Memorial Day weekend, and NYSRPA to combine our energies and resources for the 10 Million Gun Owner March.
Stay tuned, start saving, and planning a trip to join us in Washington. We need all of you to make this a success. For the future of our kids and the past sacrifices of our veterans let’s show the world just how big a giant they’ve awakened.
Update: Madison Rising and Rolling Thunder will be participating in the 10 Million Man March.



Just wanted to send a follow up to the pancake breakfast…
First let me say…
1). The Event was a huge success from organizational standpoint…  With 8 days notice, a handful of people pulled together to plan and execute the event (practically perfectly I might add).

Success from Elected Official standpoint… A list of Elected Officials attended to here what constituents had to say, and to give support to SAFE act opposition and support for the 2nd Amendment, the Bill Of Rights, and the whole United States Constitution in general…

  Event was a success monetarily… The event was profitable, meaning there will be funds available to support the attack on the 2nd Amendment.

5).  Event was a success Legislatively… As a result of the obvious success of this event following up the success of the turnout at the county legislative meeting to oppose 0108, the sponsors of county resolution 0108 have today withdrawn the resolution in the realization of the awakened dragon!!!

6). Event was a success Operationally.  Putting out 460 plates over the course of 3 hours is no easy task… the people running the cooking and serving really did an excellent job.

I know that I not only speak for myself, but I speak for the others heavily involved in “the fight” when I say that:  I personally am proud of everyone’s contribution to the pancake breakfast we did yesterday… It shows we can work together, (yes even the bow hunters and the shooters!), to make a difference… and even though we are ALL vulnerable to attack when we are silent or when we are broken into our own little cliques, WE ARE STRONG WHEN WE JOIN FORCES TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND SPEAK OUT AGAINST WHAT IS WRONG…


I truly hope that the good progress is just the start, because we still have some work to do in order to call it a win.

Please continue to organize 2nd amendment supporters because the battle was won locally on 0108, but the war is far from over on the state, and federal levels…

Please Continue to spread the word, and continue to check in here (,42.0.html ) for updates on what we need to do to make sure we stop the loss of liberty, and work to regain what has already been lost.

Please Continue to build our email list so “the word” is spread much faster and mobilizing for events on short notice is possible.  Send email addresses for inclusion to:

There has been some interest in submitting a pro 2nd Amendment “Deerpark” style resolution to the county…  Is there alot interest in doing this?  If so, let me know so we can get that process moving ASAP.

Also, please note 9and share) that we will have other events soon including: A “March” on Albany – Bus Trip Feb 28th  – A “March” on DC – In the formative stages – More info soon…  We are working to develop a largescale march at a much earlier time than one brewing for May 25th. A Bigger Rally here in the Hudson Valley to pull together the 5 or 6 counties in the Middle Hudson Valley area – Also in the formative stages – More info soon